What is attachment? Why is it important?

So much happens in the first three years! The brain is the least developed organ at birth and with only about 25% of the neural connections in place.  When your baby is born there are about 100 billion neurons in their little brains, most of which are not yet connected.  By the end of theContinue reading “What is attachment? Why is it important?”

What Horses can Teach us about Parenting (Part 2)

Calm, Connect, Correction Even if not traumatized, we all experience fear. When we are in a state of fear, the brain switches to the amygdala and shuts down other systems. Therefore, when we parent out of fear, either in ourselves or parenting in a way that creates fear in our child, we are dealing withContinue reading “What Horses can Teach us about Parenting (Part 2)”